Nord Stage 88 Revision C

Nord’s award-winning Organ, Piano and Synth technologies – All in one amazing package.

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An incredible range of performance-enhancing tools plus renowned Nord sound!

The Nord Stage 88 may be the ultimate in stage pianos! Clavia’s Nord Stage 88, with 88 fully-weighted hammer-action keys, aftertouch, pitch stick, and mod wheel. The 4-output Nord Stage 88 features 3 distinctive sound sources — piano, synth, and organ — that can be split into separate key groups across the keyboard. Each of the 3 splits have a „B“ panel allowing you to use up to 6 sound sources, permitting very complex layering or multitimbral effects.

The Nord Stage 88 controller functions include comprehensive MIDI master keyboard features that make it a viable option for running your entire setup. Weighing in at less than 40 lb. the Nord Stage 88 is light, considering the hammer-action weighted keyboard!


– 88 fully weighted hammer-action keys

– Aftertouch, pitch stick, and modulation wheel

– Great piano, organ and synth sounds

– 3-zone split capability

– 4 audio outputs

– Comprehensive MIDI controller functions

– Subtractive Synthesis, Wavetable Synthesis

– FM Synthesis

Nord Stage 88 Effects:

Amplifier/Speaker Simulation, Leslie, Reverb, Delay, Compressor, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Wah-Wah, Ring Modulation, Pan, Tremolo, Equalizer